Ophrys Iricolor

Ophrys Iricolor was developed and launched with DuraLink printing technology to give users a fast and easy way to produce full-color, high-resolution, personalized envelopes with the speed, quality, and durability required in today’s direct mail industry. It keeps pace with the fastest inserters, and envelope printing becomes a seamless part of the production process.

  • Full Color (CMYK) inkjet, water based pigmented ink
  • Printspeed up to203m/min
  • Maximum printable envelope size: C4 (229×325 mm)
  • Maximum resolution: up to 1600 x 1585 dpi
  • 5X nozzle redundancy per color
  • Automatic adaptation to different envelope thickness between 0.5-15 mm
  • Ability to print unique graphics to each envelope
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