Targeted and simple approach, faster and smoother solutions.

A targeted approach, smoother and faster solutions

Door2World is providing innovative engineering from idea to product. We provide Full-Scale Development. Our agile and iterative approach delivers value to customers faster and smoother.

Software development

Enterprise application development,data modeling, database design, IT consulting, project planning and management.

Hardware development

Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, high-speed media path and transport design.

Industrial automation

Industrial process automation design, robot programming, Beckhoff system integrator, computer vision, industry 4.0 support, data acquisition and analysis.

Inkjet printing technology

Inkjet technology integration, inkjet printer development, printing datapath design and implementation, proprietary raster image processor, and controller software integration, color mngmnt.

Server and cloud hosting

Hosting, server administration, database administration, backup and maintenance, network architecture design, VPN support, virtual machine conversion, cloud service

Software development
  • Web, desktop, mobile, UX/UI
  • C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, EcmaScript, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, MATLAB, TwinCat programming
Enterprise application development
  • JAVA Enterprise framework
  • Cloud architecture design
Data modeling and database design
  • High-level data modeling
  • ER modeling
  • MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL,
  • MongoDB, IBM DB2, Elasticsearch database engine support
  • Data processing, data load, data conversion
  • Data workflow processing design and implementation
Firmware (PLC, microcontroller)
  • Microchip, Atmel, Dallas, Ti, NXP programming
IT Consulting
Project planning and management
Electrical engineering
  • PCB design
  • Electrical network design
  • Microcontroller design
  • Safety network design
  • IO design
  • Datapoint design and Sensor integration
  • PLC integration
    • Beckhoff
    • Mitsubishi
    • Phoenix Contact
Mechanical engineering
  • Machine structural design
  • Conveyor design
  • Actuator design and integration
  • Fine mechanics
  • Servo System integration
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Unique industrial equipment manufacturing
  • Small series production
Industrial process automation design
  • Process Analysis
  • Process Design
  • Process Control
Robot programming
  • Universal Robots
  • IAI
  • Fanuc
Beckhoff System Integrator Agreement
  • Certified Beckhoff Partnership
Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Measurement system design and integration
  • Sensor array design and integration
  • Real-Time data processing
  • Data storage design
Computer Vision
  • Image processing
  • Optical Measurement
  • Object Detection
  • Product Identification (OMR, OCR)
  • Monitoring
Industry 4.0 support
Memjet Partnership since 2011
Inkjet technology integration
  • Memjet DuraLink
  • Memjet DeraFlex
  • Memjet VersaPass
  • HP FI-1000
  • VideoJet
Sheet-fed and roll-to-roll inkjet printer development
High-speed media path and transport design
Printing datapath design and implementation
Proprietary Raster Image Processor integration
  • High-speed PDF processing
  • Multilayer variable data support
Proprietary Printer Controller software integration
  • Printer supervision
  • Variable operation mode support
  • Real-Time data processing
  • Vision System integration
  • Equipment monitoring
Color Management
  • Color profiling
  • Color matching
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)
  • Dedicated server
  • Database server
  • Web server
Server Administration
  • Linux Server administration
  • Windows Server administration
Database Administration
  • MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, IBM DB2, Elasticsearch
Database Backup
Database Maintenance
Network architecture design
VPN (Virtual Private Network) support
Virtual Machine conversion
Cloud Service
  • Cloud architecture design
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Microsoft Azure